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& Blessed

Uncover the healthy boundaries you need to beat burnout

and fall back in love with your business.


Booked, Boundaried & Blessed
A 6-week intensive for high-achieving business owners who have plenty of clients but not enough boundaries.

Have you fallen out of love with your business? Do you feel like you're always saying "yes" to clients? Is burnout something you know you're getting close to (or you're maybe even in it)?


Yes, Love, I've been there too! And I'm here to tell you there's a way to operate in your business that protects your time and energy while also protecting your income.

I spent years building a business with more-than-satisfied clients. I had a full client roster and raving testimonials.  But I had little to no quality time with my family, let alone with myself. My family got the "leftover" of my energy at the end of the day. While I received the fulfillment of happy clients, that motivation could only take me so far.


I wore over-delivering like a badge of honor...until I finally realized that my self-worth was not wrapped up in how I showed up for my clients, and my income didn't need to come at the expense of my time.  

The truth is, you can’t keep prioritizing your business over yourself while thinking that one day it will balance out.

The only way to sustainably care for your business is by radically caring for yourself FIRST. And that's the definition of boundaries.

But where do you start when you’ve built all of this success on un-boundaried practices? How can you rediscover the love of your business when burnout is so present?

This was my journey, which led me to develop:

Booked, Boundaried & Blessed

A coaching intensive to guide women like you into their Business Boundaries Era.


An era where you:

Create healthy boundaries that relieve stress & create the space

Implement the much-needed systems that help you sustain those boundaries

Fall back in love with your business

Bright Clouds

In Wholehearted, you'll transform your relationship with yourself by following my Self-TECC method:

This isn’t a pre-packaged program with cookie-cutter advice.

We’ll craft YOUR unique boundaries, support, and self-care practices tailored to your business and rooted in your individual needs.


The Details

What you can expect in the intensive

Weekly Meetings

Each week we meet, I'll guide you through uncovering your businesses' needs as well as your own. We'll use the 60-minute sessions to discover what can be sustainably implemented into your business and what can be removed to protect your time and energy while still meeting your business goals.

Actionable Support

Depending on your needs, you'll be supported with action plans, intentionally designed worksheets, journal prompts, and/or other supportive resources to support you through each week of the intensive.

1:1 Support

An intensive is meant to be efficient and productivity-packed. You'll get 1:1 access to me via Voxer as you work through the intensive and implement the action items. I'm also here to hold space for the personal development that comes with this high-level container.

Bonuses & Surprises

I'll include sweet surprises throughout our time together. This work is meant to bring more joy into your life - both personally and professionally. 

What we'll accompish in Booked, Boundaried, & Blessed

Unwavering Boundaries

You'll finally set boundaries around communication, client scope creep, your time and energy, and anywhere else you need them. Boundaries protect your time and energy. They help you maintain a healthy work/life balance while setting expectations with clients. When you set healthy boundaries, not only does it inspire respect from others, but it also keeps you focused on your priorities - the big picture.

Supportive Systems

Systems can feel overwhelming. Implementing systems is crucial for supporting boundary setting in a business. The systems that support your boundaries create efficiency, consistency, scalability, and accountability. All necessary cornerstones of a thriving life and business. In this container, we'll use my years of systems knowledge to create space to enjoy all of these benefits.

A Sustainable Self-Care Plan

Self-care is vital for you to run a successful business. Self-care is not massages and bubble baths. It's incredibly personal and unique to every entrepreneur, and we'll uncover what it looks like for you and your business. With that knowledge, we'll craft a self-care plan that's sustainable so that you can prevent burnout, maintain creativity & vision, create a work-life balance, and fall back in love with your business.

If this is everything you've been needing, then you aren't on this page by accident. I believe in divine timing as much as I believe in the beauty of boundaries!

Join the Boundaries movement


Paid in Full

One Payment of




Two Payments of


*Split 4 weeks apart

The B3 Framework

Boundaries are the backbone of a successful business. They build the foundation of care you need to prevent burnout and maintain the passion you have for what you do and who you serve.


Without clearly defined boundaries, you sacrifice your precious time and energy, leaving core goals neglected and time with your family lost. This is why I created the Booked, Boundaried & Blessed (B3) Framework. This container allows you to leverage the beauty of boundaries to preserve your well-being and channel your energy toward actualizing the vision for your business.

In the B3 Framework we work on:


The Foundation 

We'll decide exactly where your boundaries are needed. This is often a lot easier than you can imagine. Your feelings, schedule, and client relationships will help me uncover where you're lacking boundaries and how they need to be implemented.


The Sustainability Factor

Setting up the systems to sustain boundaries. This is where my skillset shines. I've been the systems queen since 2020. Understanding how systems function as a form of self-care in your business is how I guide you through the implementation process.


The Space

We look at how you lean on others for support and how you can better support yourself in leaving burnout in the dust. Sometimes this looks like outsourcing, and sometimes this looks like inner-work (releasing self-criticism, self-doubt, or self-sabotage).


The Nourishment

How you care for yourself directly affects how long-term you can care for everything around you. This includes your family, your business, your clients, and your growth goals. This self-care piece brings your humanity to the forefront of your business.


Your Boundaried Era begins here

It's time to fall back in love with your craft.

Take the leap, and wholeheartedly decide that you and your business are worth it.

Have we met?

My name is Sabrina Avellán. I'm a sought-after speaker and coach who empowers women to enter their Self-Love Era and entrepreneurs to enter their Booked, Boundaried & Blessed Era. I've developed multiple frameworks that transform your relationship to yourself and your relationship to your business.

I found early career success as a Systems Strategist but struggled with burnout working in a capacity that fulfilled my needs, but not my freedom. I then reorganized my services to truly boundary my time and energy, creating a business model I loved. After losing my father in 2022, I realized how precious my time was. I decided to take a spiritual sabbatical from business to find my true purpose.

Through extensive research, mindfulness practices, and daily self-care rituals, I transformed my relationship with myself and created an approach to life that honors my time and energy above all else. In doing so, I can wholely show up for my family, my dreams, and my clients.

I now teach these methods in my coaching containers, podcast, and speaking opportunities where I inspire others to boldly enter their Self-Love & Boundaried Eras.

Mentorship Interest Fom

Join today & boldly enter your Business Boundaried Era

Schedule a Quick Chat to Get Started

Let's hop on a quick 15-minute call to ensure we're a good fit. Once we both feel like it's a match made in business heaven, we'll schedule a start date!

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  • How do I know if I've fallen out of love with my business?
    Falling out of love with your business could look like: Feeling disconnected from your work, no matter what you do Not taking care of yourself Feeling resentful towards clients Making more mistakes than usual Feeling like your relationships are suffering Wondering if you need to revamp your entire product suite This stage can also very much be described as "Burnout". If you are experience two or more of the above list, you're not alone and it's not too late to find the passion for your business and your clients again.
  • How can I beat burnout in just 6 weeks?
    Chances are, you wont. Not in 6 weeks. More than likely, it took you many months or even years of unboundaried practices to find yourself on this page looking for answers. But don't worry, it wont take you that long to get out of burnout!! I'm a mover, a problem solver, and a change maker. What we'll do in 6 months is identify what got you to this point in your business and implement the boundaries, systems and self-care to rectify it. You'll get the support and direction you need, and then the time to implement it into your business. If you love the accountability and guidance that mentoring brings, then on-going coaching is available to you. But my goal is never to keep someone attached to my services. My intention is to give you the framework, support, encouragement, and road map to problem solve and make change autonomously. Why? Because you're a self-motivated entrepreneur with services to sell, people to serve, and goals to crush.
  • What is my time commitment?
    The short answer - Once weekly calls for 60-minutes The long answer - The amount of focus and intention you can give in 6 weeks, is what you'll get out of it. Like I mentioned, this isn't a cookie cutter container. This is tailored to your needs. There isn't a pre-set road map that says "Week 1, complete this playbook". So the more you can bring to the table, the more you'll get out of it.
  • What kind of systems will we work on?
    Systems are my JAM!! Specifically client management, client onboarding, client experience, and automated systems. So we'll cover the actual operational systems in your business. That may look like: How you onboard your clients How you train team members How you delegate tasks How you manage projects What automations you're using This intensive does not cover sales systems. This is for booked & blessed entrepreneurs who need the boundaries and systems to stay out of burnout. For that reason, the systems we'll conquer are between client acquisition and client exit.
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