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By a Certified Dubsado Specialist


Interested in knowing EXACTLY what to do in Dubsado and then knock it out yourself?




Automating Your Business in a Day

I support overworked biz owners to turn their manual systems spaghetti into a seamless automated client experience.


And now you can do that for yourself!


This is for the service pro who:

Values Their Time

point-blank, period.


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Know you can create the Dubsado systems on your own but prefer a guide

Want to know exactly what forms, emails & workflows you need in Dubsado

Would love a full VIP Day but aren't ready for that level of investment... yet

Use Dubsado but know you can leverage it's capabilities so much more

Believe avoiding DIY errors is well worth the investment

Desire to set up your system without lots of Googling and troubleshooting


This is the framework I use in my Full VIP Day to create sexy systems in Dubsado that save you time and make you money



Nothing says ease like going with the flow. The first portion of the VIP Day is mapping your client's journey and making sure there are no gaps. That's called a strategic plan, BB!


This is where you get all of your content needs met. From the canned emails, contracts, lead forms, and proposals, you'll know exactly what you need to create your seamless Dubsado system. It's all in the filling!


The third phase is fastening together all of the pieces to create seamless workflows. Stop the workflow overwhelm! You get a customized workflow map.


Once you know all of the pieces you'll need to implement your own Dubsado systems, you can focus on finding the places you can finesse your process for an even more elevated client experience. 

What comes with a VIP Half day?

Everything you'll need to build out your content, assets, and workflows in the best CMR for automations - Dubsado

Here's what the process looks like:

VIP Half Day timeline (1).png



Form Templates

Upload my form templates to your Dubsado account with ONE click!!

Canva Templates

Fully brand your one-click forms with customizable Canva templates.

Voxer Support

Two weeks of support while you execute the implementation.


BONUS BONUS Test Session!


If you thought it couldn't get any better... As long as it's within the 2 weeks of support, I'll run through your workflow as your first test client to be sure everything is seamless! 

You'll receive a video recording and a list of edits & suggestions.

Save $4k and a month of your time

Let's be honest, setting up the entire customer journey in Dubsado can take a loooong time. Between searching the FAQ section, backtracking on a scheduler because you forgot to create the canned email, or hesitating to create a workflow because you don't want to f*ck it up... you can spend a whole month piecing it together.

A full Dubsado setup will be another $2k investment, but who needs that when you already use Dubsado?

If Dubsado is a part of your biz processes, but you wouldn't consider yourself a Dubsado expert and you want to build out a program without the errors & time wasted, then this is for you!

Because I book out with full VIP Days, I only reserve 3 days a month for the Half Days, so apply now... they go fast!


How do we start?

Half Day Application
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