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Are you a coach or online service provider drowning in the time-consuming tasks of managing clients and onboarding?


Do you want your onboarding process to match the caliber of your work and leave clients confident from day one?

Look no further! I'm your dedicated Systems Strategist, and I specialize in creating seamless, automated onboarding experiences using Dubsado.




Dubsado Workflow Automations Done for You

A Dubsado VIP Day model where I customize and build automated systems to suit your preferences. Whether you prefer a fully automated experience or want more control, I meet you where you are in your business journey.

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My VIP was more than I expected because we were able to document every little detail of my customer journey from start to finish. There was no stone unturned when I finished with the VIP Day. Sabrina even pointed out potential gaps that I didn't even see myself. 
For anyone on the fence about working Sabrina, this is your sign!


So how do i do it?

I've developed a framework that helps me...

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Take a look at how you're currently managing leads & clients

See the cracks and ways we can consolidate your tasks

Develop a strategy that adds value & elevates your client experience


Use Dubsado to implement that strategy

Automate the onboarding client tasks to work even when you aren't

Teach you how to use the one-click workflow systems with confidence

From here, all of the manual steps you take to book, onboard and offboard clients are handled by automations; freeing up loads of your precious time!


These sexy systems usually take months on a retainer model. But I get them done-in-a-day with a proven framework I've developed over 5 years and hundreds of hours with clients just like you

The Bottom Line
 You Get

Boosted Income

Increase your income by up to 145% by cutting your workload in half and doubling your client capacity.

More Free Time:

Reclaim your day with significantly reduced manual tasks.

Luxury-Level Experience:

Impress your clients from the moment they inquire about your services with a top-tier onboarding experience.

Confidence in Automation:

Step away from your business knowing that leads and new clients are guided seamlessly.

Elevate Your Client Onboarding Experience

As a systems strategist, I specialize in streamlining the onboarding process for coaches and service pros like you. Imagine a world where you can focus on what you do best – transforming people and businesses – while leaving the hassle of onboarding new clients to technology. Say goodbye to manual systems chaos and endless email threads.

What MY CLIENTS have to say

Seeing the workflows in process made me realize just how much I was doing to deliver the bare minimum -- sending out contracts, an invoice, and a welcome email -- with multiple manual reminders throughout. Now, I can do less to deliver more. Doing the work upfront with Sabrina to put systems + workflows in place means I can dedicate more time to clients AND my own personal life later on.


— Barb Puzanovova, CPT
The non-diet trainer

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— Haley Saldivar, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, PN1

This is hands down the best investment I have made in my business. Two years into owning my online training business I realized what I needed was automated systems to free up my time (and brain!) so that I can focus on tasks that truly matter to me -- coaching my clients. Sabrina is so detailed, thoughtful, and skilled in her approach. The entire experience was tailored to my needs and when I was unclear about exact details, she was able to offer clear solutions that made sense which speaks to her level of experience and skill. If you're on the fence, just do it! You absolutely will not regret it.


Sabrina is kind, compassionate. understanding and has never made me feel shame around the disorganization and lack of systems in my business — which I appreciate endlessly. If you’re seeking to stay in your zone of genius but feel constantly bogged down by the details, Sabrina will fit seamlessly into your business!

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“Killing it with behind-the-scenes systems and automated workflows. Dubsado and all your work in there has been incredible

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— Allison, Coach & CSCS

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— tara, coach & Marketing at
Tara on demand

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I want your business to feel easy and for this to be the best investment you make in your biz!

I value your transformation and I value your time.


I wholehearted believe that systems are a form of self-care. With self-sustaining systems, you can spend your precious time in ways other than maintaining the bare minimum. Whether you love to travel, need more time with your family, or want to focus more on growth strategies, systems are the key to getting there. 

**Legit not a scarcity tactic**

I only take 4 VIP Days a month to honor my energetic space.

This is for you if you:


Value Your Time

point-blank, period.

You may also be the biz owner who:

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Desires a client experience that reflects the value of their program

Wants to feel "hands-off" while also serving more clients (making more $)

Has a 1:1 or small group service that's prime for impressive systems

Understands & trusts the value of investing in their business

Has a high ticket offer and wants a high-touch, low-lift system

Is done wasting time & leaving systems on the back-burner

How do we start?

My process is designed to be simple

  • How will my business increase 175%?!
    My clients consistently increase their income post VIP Day, many of them DOUBLING it! There are two reasons for this. 1 - They are no longer overwhelmed with the onboarding and client management processes. I had a client who only took on 5 clients each launch because that was the max number she could onboard while keeping her sanity. She could manage twice as many over her 6 month mastermind, but 5 was all she could onboard. This shortsighted issue was having long lasting income restrictions. Since implementing my automated systems, she is able to take on as many clients as she wants. Another client managed a group program with different phases. Because she kept her client information in a spreadsheet, she could only manage around 24 clients. After building out her systems, she now has over 55 clients in her program and can take on even more. She is no longer manually managing which phase her clients are in. 2 - Streamlined, automated systems increase the perceived value of your offer/program Many of my clients increase the price point of the offer after a VIP Day because seamless systems elevate the client experience. You can add more value for your clients without adding any core deliverables. People choose to pay more for luxury, clarity and ease. After a VIP Day, my clients are floored by the elevated client experience and re-price their offers accordingly.
  • What is my time commitment for this?
    The meatiest work you'll do is the pre-work questionnaire which takes 60 minutes or less. Beyond that, we're on a Strategy call and a Wrap up call where I do the heavy lifting.
  • What if I currently use Dubsado and I don't need a full setup?
    If you already use Dubsado and just need a roadmap to help you along, I have a back pocket VIP Half Day just for you. Click here to get details on the Dubsado Roadmap Intensive.
  • What if I need this, but I'm not ready right now?
    No problem!! You can secure your spot with a deposit and pick a date that works best for you.
  • Can I use this if I'm already using Kajabi or Katra?
    Definitely! While those platforms are wonderful for your courses and group programs, Dubsado is well suited for creating a seamless and elevated client experience for programs like Masterminds, 1:1 Coaching, Intensives & VIP Days.
  • What does the process look like?
    I make sure you and your systems are WELL taken care of in three steps. Strategy Call: Beforeyour VIP Day You receive a custom strategy based on the information you give me in your pre-work. We go over how Dubsado can work best for you and your biz and nail down the specifics of your process. Implementation Day: During the VIP Day This is THE day! But you don't have to lift a finger. While you relax, I'm working behind the scenes to put all of the pieces together. Wrap Up Call: After the VIP Day In this session, I'll show you around your new, kick-ass CRM and answer any questions you have so you feel confident in running it like a Queen! This call will be recorded for you to come back to whenever you need!
  • Do you have a payment plan?
    Yes! I have a 50/50 payment option.
  • What's included?
    CRM Dubsado setup for one brand and one program/service Program assets include: One Proposal One Contract One sub-agreement Two Payment Schedules One Lead Capture form/Application One unique form This can be an intake questionnaire or check-in form Branded headers, section banners & footers for each Form/Proposal/Contract One Workflow Up to 3 Total Schedulers Access to 14 Canned email templates that you can edit or keep as it Up to 10 more canned emails uploaded with your copy Up to 4 packages A Zoom recording of your Wrap-Up call Need another workflow? Does your program require more forms? Not an issue! You can add on to fit your needs. If you know you'll need more than this, let me know on our Quick Chat. If you're unsure, we'll line everything out in the Strategy Call so you are crystal clear on your needs and the deliverables.
  • Is this service for me?
    My VIP Day is a great fit for Coaches, Service Pros, Strategists, Specialists, VIP Days, and so many more. Client management is an essential tool for anyone who works one-on-one with clients. If you send invoices & contracts, track leads, and schedule calls, a CRM can benefit your business. Fill out an application and we can see if my VIP Day is the perfect fit.
  • What is Dubsado?
    Dubsado is an all-in-one business management tool for service-based businesses. It's my go-to CRM for Coaches, Online Service Providers, Strategists & Consultants. It allows you to create proposals, send contracts, collect invoice payments, and automate many of the tedious administrative tasks that keep your business running.
  • Why do you prefer Dubsado?
    Dubsado is extremely customizable. From the branding to the form creation. But even more than that are its automation capabilities. Dubado has the power to strike a bad-ass balance with automation and the processes of your client journey that need human connection. That winning formula means hands-off for you and white glove for your clients.
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