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Automating your

online business in a day so you can increase your sales by 175%


By a Certified Dubsado Specialist




Automate Your Business in a Day

Supporting overworked Coaches & Online Service Providers to turn their manual systems spaghetti into a seamless automated client experience that makes you money.


you're a bad-ass!

And I know you can...

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Implement systems that are built to scale 

Reduce costs & increase productivity by centralizing your systems

Stop paying a VA for tasks that tech can handle

Feel as confident in your onboarding as you are in your services

Outsource like a QUEEN by handing over clearly defined systems

Make more money while spending less of your time


These sexy systems usually take months on a retainer model. But I get them done-in-a-day with my



Nothing says ease like going with the flow. The first portion of the VIP Day is mapping your client's journey and making sure there are no gaps. That's called a strategic plan, BB!


This is where you get all of your content needs met. From the system setup to canned emails, contracts, lead forms, and proposals. It's all in the filling!


The third phase is fastening together all of the pieces to create seamless workflows that work while you rest (or have a glass of wine).


In the final stage, I test everything to perfection and create a custom-to-you tutorial on your new system so you know exactly how it works.

So what do you get with your VIP day?

For starters, your precious & well-deserved time back PLUS everything listed below in the best CMR for coaches & OPS's - Dubsado


Dubsado System Setup

Your system is setup up to slay by syncing your calendar, setting up your payment processors and emails, and making sure it's all on-brand.

Canned Emails

If you've found yourself writing the same email ad nauseam, then breathe that sigh of relief because those days are over. You'll have an entire library of canned emails to accompany your forms and keep your clients in the know.


The magic sauce of your processes. This is where we automate to alleviate! We'll strategize this process together so that you are in full control of what's done for you and what requires approval. Workflows are the recipe to onboarding clients while you're on vacation!

Client Portal

Just like sprinkles, the client portal is a delightful extra level of support for your clients. You get a fully branded and welcoming portal for when your clients need to re-visit their forms, contracts & invoices.

Form Creation

Your onboarding & off-boarding processes may include client agreements, proposals, lead forms, intake questionnaires, client check-in forms, and even sub-agreements. So you can bet your sweet peach these are all included!


UGH - My fave! You'll get your calendar woes covered with custom schedulers linked directly to your calendar and tied to multiple reminders for your clients.

Payment Packages

Ma'am - Make That Money

You get your payment processes and preferred payment options set up to make sure that money makes it to your wallet while giving your clients the flexibility of payment plans (if you so choose).

Video Walk-Through

And just to be sure you know how to work this well-oiled machine, you'll get a recorded video walk-through of your system for you to reference (or hand over to your team to manage).

vip day bonus


Voxer Support

As an added bonus, you get Monday - Thursday Voxer support for 30 days

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What incredible entrepreneurs  have to say

Seeing the workflows in process made me realize just how much I was doing to deliver the bare minimum -- sending out contracts, an invoice, and a welcome email -- with multiple manual reminders throughout. Now, I can do less to deliver more. Doing the work upfront with Sabrina to put systems + workflows in place means I can dedicate more time to clients AND my own personal life later on.


— Barb Puzanovova, CPT
The non-diet trainer

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— Allison, Coach & CSCS

“Killing it with behind-the-scenes systems and automated workflows. Dubsado and all your work in there has been incredible

__Primary Reversed.png

Sabrina is kind, compassionate. understanding and has never made me feel shame around the disorganization and lack of systems in my business — which I appreciate endlessly. If you’re seeking to stay in your zone of genius but feel constantly bogged down by the details, Sabrina will fit seamlessly into your business!

Tara Trottier Branding-14.webp

— tara, coach & Marketing at
Tara on demand

Save $9k and 6 months of your time

My retainer packages include support over several months and multiple systems. This VIP Day model saves you time and money. Most importantly, it gets your client systems foundation ready to rock in just 8 hours.

**Legit not a scarcity tactic**

I only take 4 VIP Days a month to honor my energetic space.

So if you want 2022 to be bananas for your business, apply now :)

This is for the person who:

Values Their Time

point-blank, period.


You may also be the biz owner who:

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Desires a client experience that reflects the value of their program

Wants to feel "hands-off" while also serving more clients (making more $)

Has a 1:1 service that's prime for impressive systems

Understands & trusts the value of investing in their business

Has a high ticket offer and wants a high-touch, low-lift system

Is done leaving their systems improvements on the back-burner




Automate Your Business in a Day

How do we start?

My process is designed to be simple