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Your email list belongs to you! 
It's dependable, scalable & personal.

When it comes to marketing your brand, email marketing is king. It allows you to nurture prospective clients, leads and current customers in a way that speaks directly and personally to them. Facebook and Instagram marketing, while beneficial, depend on the chance that your ideal client is listening. Through email marketing, you know that each person who opts-in is interested in what you have to say and offer. And on top of that, Facebook and Instagram can change algorithms, or worse, disappear at anytime! *GASP*

But you don't have to worry about that because you have a solid list of email subscribers! It's the most dependable marketing strategy you have to generate the passive income your business dreams are made of.


Email Marketing Services List

Packages curated to your specific needs

Project based packages starting at $200

Monthly packages starting at $400

All Email Marketing packages are customized to each client's needs.

Service options include:

Email List
Initial Build & Setup


  • Set up campaign on your preferred platform

  • Create opt-in for website

  • Strategize a lead magnet

  • Create "Welcome" email sequence

  • Automate lead magnet delivery email

Newsletter Creation


  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly options

  • Proof reading and minor editing of content

  • Create newsletter content and source images

  • Track statistics

  • Formatting and display testing

Campaigns & Behavioral Funnels


  • Structure a marketing strategy around your goals

  • Develop triggered email funnels that lead into your evergreen offers

  • Proof reading and minor editing of content

  • Track statistics

  • Formatting and display testing

Instagram Management

Instagra Management
Instagram is THE platform for growth and engagement.
Where could you better serve if it was done for you?

Your expertise lies in getting your clients unstuck and motivated so that they can thrive in their lives and businesses! Instagram is the ideal platform for sharing your expertise and gaining followers; which in turn become your clients. But that process takes time, effort, consistency and a little but of know-how. Imagine that feeling of releasing the tasks of planning, scheduling, and keeping up with this crucial marketing tool that absorbs so much of your energy. What more could you do for your clients with that essential mental real estate freed up?

If your answer is "SO MUCH", then let's chat!

Instagram Management Services List

Calendar planning starting at $100

Monthly packages starting at $400

All Instagram Management packages are customized to each client's needs.

Combine any of the following services




  • Develop clear​ goals

  • Profile optimization

  • Effective marketing

  • Post with purpose



  • Your platform of choice

  • Calendar planning

  • Post automation
  • Get & stay consistent


  • Hooks, Captions, CTAs

  • Graphic Creation

  • Photo sourcing

  • Photo editing



  • Lead Generation

  • Daily engagement in Comments & DMs

  • Relationship building

A la carté services include:

Hashtag Audits
Curated Hashtag Lists
Profile Audits

Let's get on a call and build the package that's right for you

Event Coordinating

Hosting an event is a strong marketing tool to
grow and foster your audience.

Not only do live events promise a great ROI, they are also the most ideal platform for educating your client base. In-person events build community and brand loyalty better than any other marketing tool. This seems a bit obvious because there is no better way to connect with people than in person. In an increasingly digital age, in-person events bring value that other marketing strategies just can't rival. More and more, organizations are allocating more of their budgets to live events because of their proven record of developing a lasting client base. And it's no accident that I've chosen email marketing along with this service. Email marketing is the most successful strategy for marketing an event. Can we say "Match made in heaven"?


Event Coordinating Services


Packages starting at $1,200

Hosting an event is no small feat. You'll have to consider the guest list, budget, vendors, venue, decor, security, materials, and timeline. And all of this is in tandem with achieving the goal you set out for your event in the first place.

Are you stressed out just reading this?!

Enjoy your event and focus on your event goal by outsourcing the details to SAVA sidekick. You don't need to spend the day running after caterers or making sure you're on schedule. Instead, you can focus on the real reason you decided to take this on - your attendees.

SAVA sidekick will:

  • Help with guest list management

  • Source quotes from vendors & venues

  • Manage your budget

  • Be the point of contact for the day of your event (if I am attending the event)

  • Line out delegated tasks to your team members (if managing this event virtually)

  • Assist with sourcing anything you need for your event from a petting zoo to a step-and-repeat

  • Manage the logistics between your chosen vendors

You can expect:

  • Timely Communication

  • A problem solving approach to challenges and hurdles

  • Real time view of quote comparisons and budget management

  • Clear action steps you need to take as a client so there is no guesswork 

  • A solid sidekick who is dedicated to achieving the goal you've set for your event

  • Group of raving fans that become long lasting and hot leads

Are you more interested in the 'ole Do It Yourself approach?

Event Consulting


Schedule a 60 minute strategy call

Starting at $125

If you are organizing an event and are worried you are forgetting something, or you don't even know where to begin, this one hour consultation call is for you. We'll go over the details of your event and make sure you have everything lined out so that you can enjoy the day instead of putting out fires.

We'll cover all of the major components of an event and dive into the numbers and details as well. By the end of the consultation, my goal is for you to feel prepared and understand what actions steps to take next.

*Please note this option is best for smaller events.

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