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Booked, Boundaried,
& Blesses

Are you ready to enter your Self-Love Era?


A 4-Month Mentorship to Embrace Your Self-Worth & Rediscover Self-Love

Are you considered a people pleaser? Are you more aware of what others need than what your own needs are? Do you skip meals and avoid bathroom breaks because you have too much going on? Do you feel like a jerk when you want to say "no" to someone or something?


Yes, Love, I've been there too! And I'm here to tell you there's a way to put yourself first while also meeting the needs of your family and friends.

I spent years people-pleasing and letting others take advantage of my kindness. I felt guilty if I knew I could do something for someone but didn't want to. I wore over-doing and over-committing like a badge of honor...until I finally realized that my self-worth was not wrapped up in how I showed up for others. And that it was draining my energy and creating resentment in the relationships I was in. I had to look in the mirror and realize the fact that everyone depended on me for everything was partly my doing. 

The truth is, you can’t keep depleting your spirit by prioritizing others over yourself while thinking that one day it will balance out.

Self-sacrifice is no longer a badge of honor. It's a quick path to burnout, resentment, and loss of identity.

The only way to sustainably care for others is by radically caring for yourself FIRST.

But where do you start when you’ve spent so long abandoning your own needs? How can you rediscover self-compassion when self-criticism feels so ingrained?

This was my journey, which led me to develop Wholehearted - a 4-month 1:1 mentorship program to guide women like you (and me) into their Self-Love Era. An era where we wholeheartedly love ourselves, accept only healthy relationships, communicate our needs, and live our truth unapologetically

Bright Clouds

In Wholehearted, you'll transform your relationship with yourself by following my Self-TECC method:

This isn’t a pre-packaged program with cookie-cutter advice.

We’ll craft YOUR unique self-love practice tailored to your needs and rooted in your inner wisdom.

After too many years of suppressing my own needs and emotions, Wholehearted was the key to finally acknowledging my worth, my confidence, and where my boundaries lie. This framework led me out of feeling resentful and into self-love - and I want the same healing for you.

If you feel depleted and have no idea what self-care looks like for you...exhausted by saying yes to everything because you "can"...crippled by the voice in your head that love to give you a guilt trip...then Wholehearted is for you.

It's time to prioritize your heart, self, and health.

You are worthy right now - without changing or achieving a single thing.


The Self-TECC Framework

Self-love is an empowering force and the catalyst for personal growth. It's what drives positive behavior while diminishing harmful tendencies. Self-love grants you the courage to venture into new endeavors and the strength to establish boundaries that honor your well-being. 

To embrace self-love is to prioritize your needs, reduce stress, improve mental health, and unlock your potential.


But developing a deep sense of self-love doesn't come from relationships, influencers, or any outside source.


True self-love is defined by you, developed by you, and sustained by you.

So how do you find it? The Self-TECC framework guides you through the four cornerstones of authentic self-love. By discovering, owning, and practicing what Self-Trust, Self-Esteem, Self-Compassion, and Self-Care mean for you, you will develop an unshakable depth of self-love that fosters better relationships, and increases motivation, better decision-making, and resilience.

The Self-TECC Framework is the cultivation of these Self-Love Cornerstones:


The measure of true love

Just like any interpersonal relationship, the level of trust will determine the depth of love and vulnerability. How do you trust your decision-making? Your judge of character? Your intuition? Learning what Self-Trust feels like in your body and what it looks like in your life is essential to self-love.


How you see & present yourself

Confidence doesn't just influence how you dress or how you walk into a room, it also impacts the choices you make and your ability to follow through and stay motivated through challenging times. You cannot lean on self-love without self-esteem, because one is the foundation of the other.


Your ability to forgive but not forget

You will make mistakes. You will do the wrong thing. You will hurt someone. And when you do, you cannot wait for forgiveness from others. Your level of personal growth depends on your depth of Self-Love. Self-Compassion makes it possible for you to forgive yourself, give yourself grace, and learn from the mistakes you will make in this life.


Nourishing your needs

If you love something, you care for it, you nurture it. But Self-Care is not a one-size-fits-all. It's complex and extremely personal. So what does it look like for you and how can it be done sustainably without depleting your time and resources? Uncovering this inner wisdom is essential to lovingly care for yourself.

Here's what's included in Wholehearted

3 Monthly Meetings

Live mentorship sessions, a sacred space for personalized guidance. Each meeting will cover a different aspect of Self-TECC.

Actionable Support

Thoughtfully designed worksheets, journal prompts, guided visualizations, affirmations, and more to support you through each of the Self-TECC practices.


Sweet surprises throughout our time working together PLUS free access to my "Inner Wisdom" Journal.

What is the investment?


6 Payments

$395 per month


4 Payments

$555 per month


Paid in Full


About Sabrina

Sabrina Avellán is a sought-after speaker and self-love expert who empowers people to enter their Self-Love Era. She developed the transformative Self-TECC framework after her own journey from self-criticism to self-acceptance.

Sabrina found early career success as a Systems Strategist but struggled with anxiety and burnout working in an industry that fulfilled her needs, but not her soul. After losing her father in 2022, she let go of her consulting business in order to pursue her true purpose. Through extensive research, mindfulness practices, and daily self-care rituals, she transformed her relationship with herself.

Sabrina now teaches the Self-TECC method in her podcast, workshops, and keynotes where she inspires others to boldly enter their Self-Love Era.


Your Self-Love Era begins here

It's time to choose your path.

Take the leap, and wholeheartedly decide that you are worth it.

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Join Wholehearted today and boldly enter your Self-Love Era

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