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EXPERIENCE consultations

Streamline your client onboarding process, boost your closing rates, and elevate the value of your offers.

Transform Your Client's Experience
with Expert Guidance

The Client Experience Consultation is a 90-minute deep dive into your client's onboarding journey. During this interactive video call, you'll screen share and I'll move through your entire client journey, from lead capture to onboarding emails. I'll be your expert guide, providing valuable insights and recommendations.

Unlock the Secrets to
Elevating Your Client Experience 

What you get

During our 90-minute video call, you'll get my expert eyes on every aspect of your client experience, from lead capture to onboarding emails.

After the call, you can expect:

Pen, notebook, and smartphone on the table

Action List

A comprehensive action list outlining the steps & every strategy we covered to create a luxury-level client experience.

Work Desk

Call Recording

A recording of the entire consultation for your reference. You can download and revisit this anytime.

Mobile Phone



As a bonus, you'll get access to my favorite (and highly strategized) onboarding templates and swipe files. 

IMG_5058_white centered.jpg



Unlock the secrets to a client experience that wows your clients, boosts your sales, and frees up your time. Schedule your consultation today and experience the difference of expert guidance.

Group Consultn

Consulting cohorts

For coaches who want to add Client Experience Consultations to their high-ticket containers

Better than a Guest Expert

Guest Expert presentations are great, I do them all of the time! But where your clients get the most impact is with one-on-one support. Gifting each of your clients a Client Experience Consultation will guarantee even more value in your program.


Email me for group program pricing.

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